13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Eight

Night eight is here! Take a look at the haunted reads I have for you tonight! A snippet of my review is at the end of each book. If you want to learn more about each one just click on the cover.


Rhapsody in Red Shades of Crimson Book 1 By Mila Waters Genre: Paranormal Vampire

Calix Mabry had everything a vampire could ever want. A mate, eternal life, and enough money to sustain them for the rest of their lives. But when his beloved is taken from him, he vows to bring her back at any cost.

Enter Vivienne Peltier. Long legs. Deep red hair. She is everything his Sofia wasn’t. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Torn between his desire to bring Sofia back and his lust for Vivienne, Calix makes a decision that could potentially tear everything and everyone he knows apart.

True love always wins in the end. But at what cost? Waters grabs your attention as soon as you dive in. It starts off hot and doesn't let up! So much lust, love, and passion packed into this short tale. If you love vampires be sure to grab this one.


First Take The Santos Family Chronicle Book 1 By Ed Bar Genre: Horror What would you do if you could not have the one woman that you have always desired?

Henry Santos had been estranged from his family for years, unable to reconcile his inappropriate feelings for his mother and his distain for his dying father. After a pleading phone call, Henry reluctantly returned with twin captives in tow.

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, he must navigate his twisted relationship with his mother while saying goodbye to the only role model he had ever known and continuing his legacy of pain and dominance. Bar wastes no time grabbing your attention with this book. It is dark, demented, and will blow your mind over and over. First Take may very well be the darkest book I have read. I wasn't even sure I could write a review because at the end I really was speechless and could not believe what I had just read. When Bar says his name is your trigger warning believe it! This series is definitely not for the faint hearted or those easily triggered.


Triple Threat A Creature Features Series Collection By Rena Marin Genre: Horror Short Stories There are things hidden in the darkness. Sometimes we can’t see them. Other times? They come out of hiding to invade our minds and tear our worlds apart. They are the things we fear most, the horrors we run from, the reason we close our eyes. When the creatures come for you, will you be ready? Or will you find yourself falling at the hands of your worst nightmares? This Creature Features Short Story Collection will leave you questioning the existence of monsters, and wondering if you’ll survive the night. I enjoyed all three of the shorts in this book. Marin did an amazing job with all three. Nothing felt rushed and each story contained enough to keep me engaged from beginning to end.


Under Dark Skies DI Joe Barber Series Book 2 By Kerry Watts Genre: Crime Fiction/Suspense The discovery of Nicholas Sanders' body begins a spate of gruesome murders targeting prominent members of the community.

Each has a secret.

Detective Inspector Joe Barber quickly realizes he is on the hunt for a twisted individual intent on unleashing a campaign of terror on their community.

But one man's confession should be the end of this reign of terror, shouldn't it?

It won't be long before DI Barber has to confront the terrible, twisted truth.

One question remains:

Is a secret worth dying for? The twists in this book will keep you guessing. As the storyline unfolds it just gets darker and darker. I was totally intrigued and blown away by Watts.