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13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Five

Night five is here! Take a look at the haunted reads I have for you tonight! A snippet of my review is at the end of each book. If you want to learn more about each one just click on the cover.


Piano Man

By Rena Marin Genre: Ghost Fiction

Pierce Leewood, known to the town of Cobbly Nob as the Piano Man, played for the visitors who graced Reagan Inn. His magical melodies made him beloved to guests but stories of his past left him a source of suspicion for locals. When young girls began to go missing and turned up dead, the Piano Man played his last tune.

Twenty years later, Sarah Hayes and her daughter Amber find themselves uprooting their lives and returning to Cobbly Nob to help take care of family and the soon to reopen inn. While her mom and Grams immerse themselves in opening-day preparations, the mysteries of Reagan Inn and its most feared employee haunt do its ghosts.

As the monster known as the Piano Man sets his sights on Amber, she is determined to free the ghosts otherwise bound to suffer at his hands. Can she put an end to the Piano Man's terror? Or will Amber find herself the next to face the music?

Pierce is one chilling and evil character that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I loved reading about the history of the haunted Inn, and how it all tied together to create this haunting tale. Marin always does such a fantastic job of grabbing your attention and holding it until the very end.


Murder Maker An Entwined Horror/Mystery Anthology

By: Erin Lee, Lorah Jaiyn, John Watson, Rena Marin, Tiffany Carby, Olivia Marie Genre: Horror Anthology Horror author Lee Mathews lives in a rural town in northern Maine. A famous horror author big enough to rival King, he’s released more than 100 titles over the course of his career. Now, ailing, out of words and deep in retirement, he’s turned his attention to his legacy: helping less established authors carry on his craft.

But a life’s work doesn’t come without muses. There are things—qualities and even objects—that have steered Mathews’ writings through the years. Literary critics have been able to spot them. Readers who have paid attention have noticed them too. But no one is quite sure exactly what ties his work together or why. He’s kept that a secret and very intentionally.

With a terminal diagnosis and limited time, Lee has invited a group of superfan authors to his home to study under him for six weeks. They will learn not only what ties his work but how to propel his legacy. Lee’s chosen has agreed to drop all they know about the written word, lose their own voices, and take on his forever.

The hook? Not everyone will leave the mansion—rumored to be haunted—alive. Instead, Mathews will use one unsuspecting author as the group’s muse.

Who will survive? Who will die? And why? There was so much suspense and excitement surrounding this book. Even the authors in this anthology had no idea how it was going to end. They too had to suffer right along with us readers! Very clever! Murder Maker was clever, intriguing, dark, gripping, and had great characters. All the things that I enjoy in a book. If you love dark reads you must add this to your list. All the hype and mystery surrounding this book was certainly worth it and well deserved!


Creature from the Springs A Creature Feature Series Novella By: T. Elizabeth Guthrie Genre: Horror Suspense The movie may have been make-believe, but the creature is real, and it feeds on death. Welcome to Silver Springs, Florida where the glass bottom boats are world famous and nature can eat you alive. A place where no one can hear you scream. Guthrie did a fantastic job with this. I had a hard time setting it down. As the story unfolds all I could do was read faster and faster to find out what was going to happen next. The characters are ones you won't soon forget. This book is very chilling and creepy with twists throughout!


His Village The Village Series Book 1 By Erin Lee and Olivia Marie Genre: Occult Suspense The rules were simple: We were to accept His testimony. We were to want no worldly goods. We were to give up our ties to the outside world. We were to finish strong. We were to know this wasn’t our world. That would come and only He could deliver us. For now, we were to live in His Village; granting only Him the authority to change our souls. WOW! Where to start? His Village was a pretty intense read for me. It gives a twisted and ruthless view of what happens inside. I could not believe what Esther and Susan had gone through. I was actually scared for them both. It was edge of my seat reading for most of the book. The ending was a jaw dropper for me and I cannot wait to see how the rest of this series plays out.


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