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13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Nine

Night nine is here! For the rest of this series I am going to switch it up a little. I'm going to share some books that I have in my TBR pile. If you want to learn more about each one just click on the cover.


Scalp By Carver Pike Genre: Paranormal Suspense When parasitic head lice piggyback into a youth leadership conference, a group of teens is forced into a fight for survival. This one’s sure to make your stomach turn and your head itch.

Nitsy is excited to be invited to an exclusive leadership conference with her peers from across the globe. She’s even more thrilled her partner on this trip is her cute jock classmate, Robbie.

Hal is a new park ranger who’s taken the job because policing is all he knows, and since a tragic accident took his daughter away, he’s not too fond of guns, or people for that matter. Hal only wants to sit in the darkness and sulk in his sorrows.

Andre is out hunting in the woods of West Virginia. He’s one with his rifle. Yet, something ain’t right in the woods. It’s too quiet. Oddly still. Until... Andre eyes a buck that seems out of sorts, thrashing around wildly with lifeless eyes.

When he pulls the trigger and a bullet strikes home, there’s no blood. Nothing. Something else has already drained it, and it’s ready for a new host.

With the entire town falling prey to this head-munching malice, and all the students at the Stonewall Forge Leadership Conference in danger, only a few can fight back before these parasitic head lice wipe out Clydesville, West Virginia and spread across the rest of the world. I don't know about you but just looking at this cover and reading the blurb makes my head itch! I cannot wait to dive into this one. Let's hope I have hair left by the time I'm done.


The Witches of Harbour Hex Duet Book 1 By Sian Claven Genre: Witch and Wizard Thriller Sara doesn't understand why she is running away in the cover of darkness from her hometown, or who the baby is that her mother is giving her to care for, but she trusts her mother enough to leave and not look back.

Christine knows that there may be a time that Sara is convinced to come back so she pens a letter to her explaining Harbour's well kept secret, so her daughter can understand why she and the baby are in danger.
It all started years ago...

Krampus A Creature Feature Series Novella By Skylar McKinzie You better watch out…Against her parents wishes, Jessica Tisdale and her friends are renting a cabin in the mountains this Christmas. Partying with her friends sounds much more fun than spending Christmas with her parents and little sister. You better not pout…But Krampus doesn’t like naughty teenagers who don’t listen to their parents. He sees you when you’re sinning…Now, Jessica and her friends are in for a nightmare Christmas Eve when Krampus shows up to take out the children on his naughty list. Sounds like a perfect read for the holiday season!


Ashes of Innocence By Phil Price He was fighting for his country in a far-off land, hoping to make his home a safer place for his family.

However, the danger was not where he thought it would be.

He had no clue that it would be stalking the streets of Birmingham, looking for easy pickings.

It never entered his head that two young boys could tear his world apart, taking what he loved most.

Returning from conflict, John is plunged into his own dark war, trying to keep his family from falling apart.

Twelve years later, his life has become bearable, the monotony keeping him on track.

But just as things start to look up, shadowy figures from his past threaten to bring it all crashing down once more.

Taking the one thing worth fighting for.


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