13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Thirteen

This post concludes the 13 Nights of Haunted Reads. I hope you found some new books to read and discovered some new indie authors to support. Indie world can be tough so I always try to encourage readers to buy those books and leave a review for the books you read. Even a simple review helps. If you want to know more about any of the books posted today just click the book cover and it will take you to Amazon. Happy Halloween!!


Waverly Hills Incursion By Bryce Warren Genre: Occult Horror “Whatever roams the hallways up on the Hill . . .

it isn’t alone.”

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has been converted into apartments. But only half of it is completed because of the bad economy. Ben Clausen, an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville, is moving in because the rent is so cheap. There’s a reason why. Waverly Hills is still haunted.


Scorched in Blood By LJC Fynn Genre: Vampire Suspense If you think you know his story, then you don’t know Dracula…He was inarguably described as one of the most blood hungry rulers in history. People feared him. Women wanted him. Life twisted him. He has always been portrayed as the villain. For the first time, Dracula was ready to set his story straight. It all began with a curse...I curse you with the need of thirst, From the blood of the first. Eternity of pain, a curse with no cure. To keep your mind sane, you’ll need the blood of the pure. The Sun in the sky will scorch you in an instant, Not the tainted blood of the wicked. My life I sacrifice, to place this Curse on your head, Your undying life forever lost, paid for with the blood of the dead.


Dare By Sara Schoen and Erin Lee Genre: Horror Suspense The truth is that Amber Colbright has waited her entire life for a guy like Reese Shaw. Fresh out of college and ready to start a new chapter, the couple has big plans for a serious life together. Recently engaged, they are off to a great start with decent jobs and an even better first home. But the real world isn't so simple.

In order to play with the big kids you have to get a little dirty. It's the first life lesson she's learned since the day Amber received an anonymous message from a cyber stalker with the initials 'TD' who claims to have Reese in captivity. Play with me.

The kidnapper's demands are simple: No police. No help. No harm.

"Just a little game of Truth or Dare and you can have your life back."

At first, it seems like a joke. But when Reese doesn't return from a mandatory job training on the coast, everything changes. Caught in a twisted game for the cyber stalker's amusement, Amber must throw away everything she's learned about caution. First, comes the private chat room. Next is the live stream video where her fiancé begs her to just "play along."

Last, Amber must ultimately decide whether or not to take the final taunt.

"It's easy," TD swears: I dare you. Come find me...


The Compact By Justina Luther Genre: Horror Suspense My name is Angela Miller and I’m your average teenager, aside from the fact that I’m not. There’s a battle happening in my shallow, sleepy little town. No one has a clue about it and I’m the only one who can save them. They can’t see The Shadow, and they ignore my boyfriend Ronni, my Mom, and my little sister; all while they call me ill. Ronni thinks we should bring this place to the ground, but I’ve talked him into giving me more time. He says deliverance is destruction so what will my little town’s fate be?