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13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Three

I forgot to get this posted last night. Shame on me! Anyway four more creepy books for you to enjoy! I've included a small snippet of my review/thoughts for each one. If you decide to grab one of them all you need to do is click the book cover and it will take you right to Amazon. Enjoy!


Sister's Revenge

By Rita Delude Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Alicia Stamois’s family is damaged. One dark night shattered their world. She loves her family beyond measure and is willing to go to irrational extremes to put her broken loved ones back together. Alicia’s a shrink who knows how to play head games better than most, so she puts her training to work on a scheme. Her plot includes a pen pal, a prison, and a proper punishment. For Alicia, love matters most. I was completely wowed by this book! I had no idea that Delude could write so dark! Right off the bat things are crazy intense! I tore through this book in no time. The sequel to this book called Sweet Revenge is also available. Both fantastic books!


Off the Grid By John Watson Genre: Horror Suspense Ryan and Diana Richie have a happy life in New York City, but their goal has always been to downsize and live off the grid in a tiny home.

Their plans arrive sooner than expected after a brutal attack on the subway that leaves Diana desperate to leave big city life behind. Selling off all they own, the couple invests in a tiny house and set off on a cross country road trip to their new home in Oregon.

Along the way, they stay in countless trailer parks, and highway rest stops, acclimating to life in their humble new abode.

When they reach their last stop before home, they stop in at a remote community, where they plan to live for a week.

The question now is whether they will make it out alive. Off the Grid is yet another outstanding read from Watson. Be prepared for a dark and engaging ride as you follow the lives of a couple seeking some peace and quiet. What they discover is anything but! I enjoy Watson's descriptive way that allows the reader to feel as though they are on the inside. This book sinks its hooks in deep with its compelling narrative and characters.


The 13: Tales of Illusory By Stephanie Ayers Genre: Horror Short Stories Evil underwater pixies, Vampires, Norse gods, lycans, puppeteers, ghosts, psychopathic neighbors, and more...

These 13 enchanted tales will haunt you long after you've finished reading them. You'll second guess everything, check your closets before sleeping, and peek over your shoulders by day. Down down in the depths they fell, bodies in the dark of a liquid hell.

Enter if you dare...

This is the 1st book in the 13 series.

Can you survive all 13? This is the first book I've read in the 13 series. Sometimes with short stories you never know if they will be rushed or lacking in detail. Ayers did a fabulous job on all the stories in this. I enjoyed each of them. If you like creepy/chilling stories this is one to check out! The stories are the perfect length if you are looking for a quick read. The 13: Tales of Macabre, The 13: Surreal Tales, and The 13: Scelestic Tales are also available in this series. They can be read as standalones.


A Lifetime Ago (Hudson Bell Book 1) By Jim Ody Genre: Psychological Fiction This is a tale about how the events of one day have such catastrophic consequences on the future.

Hudson Bell is a consultant for the police. A former DI, he spends his days helping to find missing children.

May and her son go on a road trip to celebrate his birthday; Robert and Nadia buy their dream house by the sea.

But as each look to enjoy a new life, none of them can shake off what happened on that fateful day. One of them blames the others and will stop at nothing to seek revenge.

One accident and five lives changed forever. There is some serious build up in this story that kept me flipping through the pages to find out what happened next. Every time I thought I had things figured out there would be another twist in the story. Closing in on the end there was yet another huge, unexpected twist that completely blew my mind! Come Back Home (Hudson Bell Book Two) is also available.


That's all the haunted reads I have for you tonight. Check back tomorrow for more!

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