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13 Nights of Haunted Reads - Part Twelve

Night twelve is here! For the rest of this series I am going to switch it up a little. I'm going to share some books that I have in my TBR pile. If you want to learn more about each one just click on the cover.


The Farm By Amy Cross Genre: Ghost Fiction One farm. Two tragedies, thirty years apart. And a tortured figure whose presence connects both incidents...

In 1979, the Bondalen family farm in Norway is home to three young girls. As winter fades to spring, Elizabeth, Kari and Sara each come to face the secrets of the barn, and they each emerge with their own injuries. But someone else is lurking nearby, a man who claims to be Death incarnate, and for these three girls the spring of 1979 is set to end in tragedy.

Today, the farm has finally been sold to a new family. Dragged from London by her widowed father, Paula Ridley hates the idea of rural life. Soon, however, she starts to realize that her new home retains hints of its horrific past, while the darkness of the barn still awaits anyone who dares venture inside.

Set over the course of several decades, The Farm is a horror novel about people who live with no idea of the terror in their midst, and about a girl who finally has to confront a creature that has been feeding on the farm's inhabitants for generations...


Small Hearts By Bryan W. Dull Genre: Ghost Fiction Emily Sinclair is a teacher in seclusion, reeling from the loss of several of her third-grade students by the hands of a shooter that opened fire on several classrooms within Marie-Glen Elementary. While dealing with the anxiety of leaving her home and facing the people of the town, Emily is terrified by what is waiting for her outside that takes the shape of shadowy figures resembling her deceased students and the ghostly kids that she refers to as “the pales” that get closer to her with every step she takes. With her sanity in question, Emily seeks help from a psychiatrist, Paul Cusick, as she tells her story of being an educator of children that seemed unteachable to that fateful day in October. However, sometimes what we perceive as reality is skewed.


THEM By James Watts Genre: Psychological Fiction Deep in the woods something is stirring.

A small Southern town is about to be invaded by something both ancient and evil.

When his mother is killed, Ray Sanders returns home.

He will soon come face to face with the creatures responsible.

The Odomulites. Ancient beings that take host bodies and feed on humanity.

Little does Ray know his family’s relationship with the Odomulites stretches back generations.

He is about to find out.

Will he survive? Can they be stopped?

Or will the Odomulites win the fight?


Night of the Possums By Jacob Floyd Genre: Horror The night of the possums began on a chilly autumn morning around 2am in late October.

On a dark country road, a young man is torn to shreds by wild animals. The news of his grisly death rocks the town. When a similar death occurs later that day, the town is in the grips of fear.

In rural Bardstown, Kentucky, opossums have risen up against the populace. People are being maimed and devoured throughout the city. These are not your ordinary opossums, either: they are smarter, stronger, faster, and far more vicious—some larger than any opossum anyone has ever seen, growing as long as four feet and as heavy as fifty pounds, with teeth capable of cleaving bone.

As the flesh-eating scourge quickly spreads from one end of Bardstown to the other, a few of those who survived the attacks band together in an attempt to eradicate the maniac marsupials. But, the number of the beasts grows by the hour and the force becomes too insurmountable; the survivors soon realize escape is their only option.

But, beyond the berserk behavior of the carnivorous creatures is a darker secret—something ancient and unnatural that threatens all those who are bitten. Before anyone can find out what is driving these opossums to kill, the survivors must battle their way through the merciless onslaught of claws and teeth and leave the threat of Bardstown behind them.


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