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ARC Review - Nothus by Drew Starling

Nothus by Drew Starling A Thrilling Supernatural Horror Novel The Bensalem Files Book Two


It’s been four months since tragedy rocked the rural hamlet of Bensalem, Virginia, and Sheriff Cheryl McNamara has vowed to uncover the truth about her town’s dark history. Her big break comes from an unexpected source: her teenage daughter Skylar, whose fascination with the occult leads to a remarkable discovery.

But a new evil rises, and tragedy strikes again. When the true form of the evil plaguing Bensalem for centuries is revealed, it is young Skylar who must confront not only the Nothus, but also the terrifying secrets behind it.


Nothus drops us back in Bensalem four months after the little town was shook by tragedy. Unfortunately, the residents are about to be rattled once again as the evil that lurks shows itself in even more horrific ways.

Sheriff Quinlan only a shell of his former self, descends further into the shame, and guilt he feels from an incident that happened four decades ago. Haunted by visions of Hank and no longer able to stomach the horrible act, he takes his own life. Now Cheryl McNamara is acting in his place and begins to uncover the mystery of the Sentinel and the Nothus. Neither she nor any of the other residents are prepared for what lies ahead.

Just like with Sentinel, the author whisks the reader away on an incredible journey. Nothus is filled with scenic and breathtaking visuals, characters you won’t forget, and a storyline that grips you from the start. Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster!

One character that really stood out to me throughout the series was Cheryl. From the start she was a very brave and driven character. She may have been scared, but she always persevered, knowing that danger was lurking. It was her job, and she took it seriously. After the loss of Quinlan, she really stepped up and was determined to figure out the secrets of Bensalem no matter the cost. Definitely a favorite character of mine.

Starling’s skill and talent are truly remarkable, and they shine in this series. As eerie as Bensalem is, Starling’s vivid writing makes it beautiful and captures all the details to create this wonderful work of art. I highly recommend this series. I think fans of horror and the supernatural would enjoy it.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the book cover to grab your copy. The eBook releases September 15th.


About the Author

Author Drew Starling

An Amazon bestselling author of horror and dark fiction, Drew Starling is a husband and dog dad who loves strong female leads, martial arts, and long walks in the woods with canine companions. He would like to think his plots are better than his prose but strives to make his words sound both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. He listens to Beethoven, Megadeth, and Enya when he writes, and all of his work can be found at His only rule of writing: the dog never dies.

Stay up to date with the latest on Drew's work. Amazon| Facebook| Instagram| Website

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