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Congrats to Rita Delude on her new release! Lollipop Lure is just one of many novellas in the Candy Shop Series. Lollipop Lure

A Candy Shop Series Novella

Rita Delude

It’s smooth sailing for bubble gum popping Mandy Pearson and her popular guy, Seth Hostetler, until city girl, Honey Delano, moves to town licking her lollipops and luring Seth and every other guy on campus to crave what’s new and hot. Will Mandy and the other town girls lose their guys or befriend this chick who seems to know how to get the attention they all desire? Find out if this sultry, lollipop-licking beauty has more lure than a faithful, home-town sweetheart in this sequel to Bubble Gum Love, where for once, the town girls may have to fight for what they’re after.


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