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Country Bumpkin's Butter Cups Today was a release day for one of my favorite Indie authors, Rena Marin. Country Bumpkin's Butter Cups is another book in the Candy Shop Series. Rena co-wrote this book with Skylar McKinzie who is another fantastic indie author. They frequently work together doing co-writes. One popular series they have together is called the Dead Oaks Terror Series. So far I have read them all with the exception of Curse of the Candy Corn Queen which is set to release tomorrow (June 29th). If you have not read anything in the Dead Oaks Terror Series yet you should definitely check them out. Enough rambling let's get to that book! Country Bumpkin's Butter Cups

A Candy Shop Novella

Rena Marin and Skylar McKinzie

Country Bumpkin’s Butter Cups has been the bread and butter of the Dillard family for as long as people can remember. The sweet treats made by Grammy Dillard left mouths watering and money flowing. Now, a year after Grammy’s death, the shop is struggling.

Her only granddaughter Cinnamon is running the show but good intentions and dreams of success can only take a sweets shop so far. It’s worse when you can’t bake and are being haunted by a know-it-all ghost.

Will Cinnamon learn the ropes or will the handsome stranger with a sweet tooth be too distracting?


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