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New Release - She Knows Death by Name

She Knows Death by Name (The Rising Phoenix Witches Book 1) By: Mae Thomas Dark Fantasy Cassandra, a loner with a dark past, believes her life of heartache and tragedy is caused by a curse. Her loving boyfriend, Apollo, believes it is nothing more than a coincidence.

As her birthday approaches, she worries the curse will strike again, leaving another dead body in its wake. Her life spirals out of control as she tries to break the curse, forcing her to risk losing everything she is trying to protect. While frantically searching for a way to break the curse, she finds only more questions that helps her discover the hidden magic around her.

Will she break her curse and finally find happiness? Or will the curse that has controlled her life claim another victim?

Available in ebook and paperback. You can also download on Kindle Unlimited. She Knows Death by Name


About the Author - Mae Thomas

Mae Thomas is a wife, mother, and book enthusiast. She has always wanted to be an author and is happy to share her writings with the world.

In her free time she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, and doing yoga.

To learn more about Mae Thomas and her upcoming projects check out her website, Facebook group or Instagram page. Want to keep in touch with the author?

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