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New Release- When Virus Came to the Forest: A fable

When Virus Came to the Forest: A fable By: Gabriel Grey Mythology & Folk Tales When the mysterious, cruel Magic of Virus comes to the Forest how will the Animals protect themselves? "A sweet, gentle, loving tale...recommended for all ages." "A lovely story...thoughtful and touching and it made me cry." A wonderful tale about what it takes to persevere and what the best in us looks like. A very prescient message in the current world." From a teacher in the UK: "A lovely story in its own right but a useful teaching aid to support children living through the COVID-19 outbreak. This story would provide discussion opportunities and help them process events and give them hope for the future."

Available in ebook and paperback. You can also download on Kindle Unlimited.


About the Author - Gabriel Grey

I was born in Clackmannan, in the wee county of Clakmannanshire, in the beautiful and magical Kingdom of Scotland. I was born in the house that my Mum and Dad built while I was still just a belly seedling.

Unfortunately, several years later, I was kidnapped by treacherous goblins who spirited me away to the United States when I was still in nappies. Raised in the States I tried to adopt the customs of the locals in an attempt to escape any unwanted attention that would alert them to my presence. But alas, I failed miserably at this task, and resigned myself to the fate of being a stranger in both my adopted land and the land of my birth.

Stories seem to swirl about inside my head, where the characters are usually content to have their adventures within the confines of my temples. One day, some of them began to request that they be allowed to fulfill their own destinies, whereupon I decided to let some of these characters spill onto a page where they were free to roam about and engage in a little of their own creative havoc.

Just as these characters were starting to become more fully alive, my big brother - who, unlike me, was born in a Castle - became sick and died. While I mourned his death the characters I created also mourned. They stopped having their adventures, and they stopped knitting together a narrative tapestry, the unfolding of which I had been graciously allowed to witness.

At the start of The Great Pandemic, my lovely Partnerd lay cuddled up beside me, and she worried to think what would happen if one of us got sick and were unable to cuddle together. This was the 'Little Cuddle That Couldn't', and became the spark that ignited a wee creative light that became 'When Virus Came to the Forest'. I let the story come out onto the page, and shared it with my Partnerd. She is a gifted Healer and suggested that I share it with others who might be in need of healing.

I am hoping that this is a first step towards my own healing, so that once again I can allow the characters who retreated back into my head the ability to roam freely about on the page, so that I might marvel at the adventures they embark upon, and share them with those who might also enjoy their stories.

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