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Q & A with Justina Luther (Destiny's Knight)

Let’s dig into one of your new releases Destiny’s Knight. 1. In your own words, can you tell us a little bit about the book? Destiny’s Knight began as a micro-short I wrote in response to a prompt on a writing blog I followed at the time. It was some steampunk image of floating sailing ships, but what stuck out to me, was the knight looking at them. I said, “What if that was a woman?”

From there, the short was forgotten until I learned that a friend of mine, TaraLynn Magnuson, was battling cancer. I wanted to help. Destiny’s Knight is dedicated to TaraLynn and the author proceeds from this book and any others of this world, go to her.

2. Can you tell us about some of the characters in your book? Any favorites?

To keep from giving too many spoilers, I’ll stick to Destiny. I love how uncertain of herself Destiny is, but when she’s given true motivation, she steps out of her comfort zone in the biggest way possible

3. How did you select the names of your characters for this book?

Destiny came to me with the title. I thought, what better name for the woman who thought her future was set in stone? Christian came to me when his character introduced himself. He popped into my brain and said, “Hello, my name is Christian.” Some characters are difficult to name, but then, some introduce themselves.

4. Which character was most challenging to create? Why?

In total honesty, none of them were hard in this book. There are some stories, no matter how much I love them, the writing is like pulling teeth. This wasn’t one of those books. All the characters came to me and told me who they were, what they were up to, and went about their business.

5. What was your favorite part about writing Destiny’s Knight?

Knowing the cause behind the book. I adore writing in general, most days, so I could easily be a puppy and say, “My favorite!” to anything except editing, but having this book not just be a job but a project to help someone else, made me smile a little wider while writing.

6. The world you have created in this book is amazing. Where did your inspiration come from for that?

As I mentioned, the original short started from an image posted on a blog which asked people to create a micro short from something within it. However, I love remakes of classic fairytales such as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Especially the live action ones, so I think the aesthetic of a lot of those movies melded together in my head for a realistic, yet whimsical, atmosphere.

7. Any challenges that you faced when writing this book?

Keeping it to a specific length. I wanted it to be a novella, but the story kept mushrooming in my head!

8. Which scene or chapter in the book is your favorite? Why?

There’s a scene by the fire, one night while Destiny and Christian are traveling, where they’re both finally honest about why they’re willing to sacrifice for each other. It’s so sweet. I was a grinning fool the whole time I was writing that one.

9. I personally loved this story. Do you have future plans with these characters?

Yes. In fact, about halfway through writing Destiny’s Knight I knew the story was too large for one book to contain. The sequel, Avenging Knight, is now on preorder.

10. Just for fun, if you could be a princess, would you? If we’re talking princess as written in storybooks, especially modern ones, absolutely! If we’re talking princess in the realistic sense, no. I enjoy getting my hands dirty too much.

11. If you were making a movie of this book, who would you cast to play Destiny and Christian?

Lilly Collins for Destiny. Drew Seeley for Christian, but with darkened hair. They’re both older than the characters, as actors often are, but I think they’d be perfect.

12. Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with readers?

I’m currently working on three projects. One suspense ya novella titled Dark Steps, which is a standalone prequel for my Step into Darkness Series. One short which is for a charity project benefitting The Independent Cat Society. The third is a novel titled These Four Walls. I’m debating on whether I want to go more suspense or horror with it. I suppose we shall see.


Author Justina Luther

Justina Luther has never been one to fit into any one box; as a girl she was a tomboy in high heels.

Raised in a house that didn’t swear, keeps her books the same way. While she won’t write a scene that would make your grandma blush, her words will push your emotions to the brink with twists you’ll never see coming.

From thrillers to romance, fantasy, and horror, she goes where her imagination leads, writing characters with integrity, transparency, and flaws, who don’t quite fit the box. Stay up to date with Justina! Amazon | Facebook |

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