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Q & A with Rena Marin (The Arisen) Possessed by Passion Box Set

The Arisen is just one of the books inside the Possessed by Passion Box Set which is set to release on March 16th. I’ll have more details at the end of this interview for those that would like to purchase it.


In your own words tell us a little about this book.

Anala is a Phoenix who was born in hell. She was intended to be used as a weapon. She never had plans on being used by anyone. When they realized they couldn't control her, they wanted her gone so they banished her to Earth. On Earth she found a home and a family but the battle between good and evil couldn't leave her and her home alone. Which scene or chapter in the book is your favorite? Why?

I love the scene where we are introduced to Beau. Sebastian, Anala's angel friend, is curious about Earth food. His first time trying "cow" is hilarious. Can you tell us about some of the characters in your book? Any favorites? Anala is a strong willed character with only one fear, losing those she cares about. I love how protective she is. Sebastian is quirky and endearing. He comes on a mission but quickly realizes Anala isn't what everyone thinks she is. The twins, Arwyn and Darwyn, have spent their time outside of hell by Anala's side. They love her like their own child and would give their lives for her in an instant. Beau is a man who has seen it all and holds strong to his morals. His interest in Anala contradicts with what he feels is right. I love all the characters, but I will admit Sebastian makes me laugh. Which character was most challenging to create? Why?

The twins, Arwyn and Darwyn. I wanted them similar but not the same character. I wanted to make sure each one had their own personality.

I thought Anala was an amazing character. Where did the inspiration for her come from? Honestly, I had no idea what I was writing for the set until I saw the cover photo. The moment I saw it she burst to life. I knew she was a Phoenix, but I wanted to portray that type of being in a different way.

Which of the characters do you relate to the most and why?

I would say Anala. No, I can't burn the world down, but I am super protective of my family and friends. How do you come up with character names for your stories? Normally they just pop in my mind. For Anala it took a bit of work. I wanted to choose a name that was associated with fire in some way but not overly common. Name one challenge you had while writing this book. Time. I wanted to tell more of the story but while writing the real world was being far too demanding. I was working too much, and time caught up with me. I personally loved this book. Since I’m familiar with your work I know this is a bit different than what you typically write. Do you think you would ever write something similar in the future? Yes, I would. I enjoyed the fantasy element involved. My time in the world of fantasy has only been with young adult characters. The adult themes and interactions made it exciting to do.

Just for fun, if you could rule Heaven or Hell which one would you pick?

The good, Southern girl inside wants me to say heaven, but I do believe hell would be more fun.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with readers? Right now I am working on my contribution to Crazy Ink's Crazy Town Series. The world is about to meet Willadeen and see why Crazy Town is the perfect place for her and her family. I'm also working on a new horror tale called Whispers. Willadeen sounds interesting! Anything more you can share about her? Willadeen is big, bold, and badass. She is one of those people you can't miss in a crowd. She loves everything and everyone. Unless you cross her or hurt her family.She is weird, funny, and full of life. I'm actually reading the first book in the Crazy Town Series now. It's hilarious so I cannot wait to see what else is coming for that series. I’ll keep an eye out for Willadeen. Back to the box set. Your book The Arisen is just one of 20 + that is in the Possessed by Passion Box Set. Can you share any other info on this set? This set is full of amazing stories by wonderful authors. We have gargoyles, werewolves, and even ghosts. No matter your tastes in the world of paranormal romance, a book in Possessed by Passion will satisfy your cravings.

For anyone interested in learning more about about Possessed by Passion or purchasing the set where can they go? ✦•••✦ GET POSSESSED ✦•••✦

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Published by Crazy Ink Publishing, LLC @CrazyInkPub Releasing: March 16, 2021! UBL Amazon Apple Nook Kobo

Passions pulsate.

Destinies collide.

Humans, angels, and demons alike are possessed with a common bind—desire.

Experience exquisite and sultry seraphs, demonic witches, a hellfire phoenix, a vengeful gargoyle, ordinary humans with dark sides, vampires, werewolves, ghostly spirits, and other creatures of the night, who will whet your desire for romance and seduction. Travel with them into their worlds as they lust for love, romance, and pleasure.

Will they find what they are searching for? Will you? Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A with me and for the ARC of The Arisen. It was fabulous! Congrats and best of luck with the box set!


About the Author

Rena Marin was born in a small town in East Tennessee where she, her husband Daniel, and two children--Cody and Amber--still reside today.

Growing up, reading and writing her own stories was Rena's favorite pastime. Her once-unreachable dream of becoming a published writer came true when she was in high school and found herself with many writing awards and accolades, including a short story in Reader's Digest.

After starting her own business, Rena continued writing shorts online before moving on to freelance work. Taking a chance, she and a friend submitted a novel to their first publishing company and were delighted to be accepted.

As a member of Crazy Ink Publishing, Rena now has several co-written series underway, including the Dead Oak Terrors Series. Halloween Nightmare, the first book in that series, recently won the Reality Bites Best Horror Book of 2018. Rena also has her own solo series called The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge. She looks forward to bringing readers with her into a world of magic and adventure.

Stay up to date with the latest on Rena's work. Amazon| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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