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Review - An Extreme Turkey Dinner

An Extreme Turkey Dinner

Sea Caummisar Extreme Horror Publication date: November 22, 2019 Print Length: 164 pages

After a terrible family tragedy, what seems like a peaceful Thanksgiving meal turns into a meal of horror.

Angie has hit the breaking point with her family. That doesn't deter her from wanting to spend a holiday with her family.

The guests soon find out that Angie didn't invite them out of kindness.

This is a bloody horror story. There are scenes of extreme violence. Not for children.

This story is based on fiction. If this is anything like your family holidays, I apologize.


This was my first read by Caummisar and OMG! This was brutal and intense from the beginning. Once the family arrived for dinner it only got worse. Angie was a fantastic character. Her innocent yet very sinister approach on her family members was great. She was really over the top and did it well. She finally had enough of her family and let it be known in the worst way possible. Everything had to be perfect, and it was! A great read right before Thanksgiving!

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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About the Author

Author Sea Caummisar

Enter the dark mind of Sea Caummisar.

Warning: I love anything involving torture, blood, guts and gore.

I'm not only a writer. I'm also an avid reader.

My books are not for the faint of heart or people who are squeamish.

I love all things horror. Especially b class horror.

I love hearing from my readers!!!

PS... If you don't like extreme horror, you probably won't like my work.

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