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Review - Baby Fights

Baby Fights Robert Essig Would you pay to watch babies fight to the death?

Only the wealthy and privileged have the kind of money that can pay for such vile entertainment. The first rule of Baby Fights is there are no rules. Babies can't follow rules. But with a certain persuasion they turn into rabid little monsters, and oh what a spectacle it is to see.

Two babies enter the ring. Only one comes out alive. The only rule of Baby Fights is that one must die. Always.

Would you pay to watch babies kill each other in the ring? Oh, you don't have that kind of money? Then open this book and read about it.


Ducky had a privileged life even after the “loss” of his parents. They were very wealthy and Ducky, being the only child, inherited it all. Living in Blossom Valley has its perks. Big homes, big yards, and baby fights. Yes! Baby fights and Ducky runs the whole operation.

Ducky and the spectators at his events are the kind of people that have everything but never seem to be satisfied. Constantly searching to hit their pleasure centers even if those desires are questionable. They enjoy the brutal acts and the chance to win some money. It’s obvious in this story that the cost doesn’t matter to them. Ducky knows it’s a risky business finding babies, someone to care for those babies and, of course, hoping there are no rats in the audience.

This is certainly a messed-up story. I knew that going in, but I still had to read this. Curiosity got me! I can safely say I have never read anything quite like this, obviously because of the babies. It’s fast paced and intriguing from start to finish. Essig brings an ending that I didn’t anticipate but was definitely satisfying. This won’t be for everyone, but I think most that enjoy their horror on the extreme side would dig this. Stay away from the angel dust, kids!


About the Author

Robert Essig is the author of over a dozen books including Stronger Than Hate, Death Obsessed, and Shallow Graves (with Jack Bantry). He has published well over 100 short stories, most recently in Double Barrel Vol. 3 and Welcome to the Splatter Club. Robert lives with his family in East Tennessee. Find out what he's been up to at

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