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Review- Dear Dawn by EL George

Book Details: Dear Dawn By EL George #ChildAbuse #DysfunctionalFamilies Published: June 21st, 2020 Print Length: 255 pages One letter – five lives… “Dear Mom,” It began with a letter. In simple words, Amelia tried to tell her mother exactly what her father had done. But Dawn, unprepared to face the truth about her husband, figured she could handle it on her own. Enter the match. The flames. The consequence. Based on actual events, Dear Dawn is the story of one mother’s desperate act and the lives burnt by it.


EL George really delivers a powerful story with this one. I devoured this book in less than a day because it was that good. I was immediately drawn to the story and to all the characters. I couldn't wait to dig in and find out more about this family and what they all went through.

Dawn is certainly something else. She is one that you love and hate at the same time. I found myself getting frustrated with her and wanting to shake her, but she also made me laugh. Her references to Betty, and just her overall attitude at times had me laughing. Leena definitely had her hands full with this entire family. I cannot imagine trying to hold all of that together. I felt terrible for the kids. The life they had to live, and having a mom that struggled to be a mom to them. Being a parent myself it was hard to watch that unfold.

This was my first read by EL George and it was fantastic. It was very engaging, filled with characters I won't forget, and touches on real life issues that will bring out all the emotions. It was interesting to see how Dawn's mind worked, and how Leena tried her best to help Dawn and the kids. So many feelings and ups and downs in this book. I sometimes tend to stray away from books containing real life issues especially if it involves kids but I am glad I read this one. Dear Dawn easily goes in my top reads of 2020. I cannot wait to check out the other books by George. Indie Book Addict Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


About the Author

EL George, who also writes as Erin Lee, is a dark fiction/reality author and therapist chasing a crazy dream one crazy story at a time. She is the author of Crazy Like Me, a novel published in 2015 by Savant Books and Publications, LLC, Wave to Papa, 2015, by Limitless Publishing, LLC and Nine Lives (2016). She's also author of When I'm Dead, Greener, Something Blue, Freak and 99 Bottles. She also penned Losing Faith, a novella with Black Rose Writing. She is co-author of Black Rose's The Morning After. She is also author of the "Diary of a Serial Killer Series" and "Lola, Party of Eight Series" with Zombie Cupcake Press and From Russia, With Love with Bella Tulip Press. She is a co-author of the Moving On series, including bestselling The Ranch and Moving On. Other horror and upcoming titles include Pawn Takes All and Scary Mary.

George is the founder of Crazy Ink Publishing, a multi genre publisher specializing in multi-genre anthologies for all kinds of crazy. Through this venture, she hopes to give readers and authors alike a taste of other realities and worlds so that they can escape into the words.

George holds a master's degree in psychology and works with at-risk families and as a court appointed special advocate. When she isn't busy dissecting the human experience, she enjoys escaping from reality through reading and spending time with her muses and canine companions and therapy dogs - Thomas the Terrier and Milo Muse.

Stay up to date with the latest on EL's work. Amazon| Facebook | YouTube

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