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Review - Earth Vs the Nudist Camp Freaks

Earth Vs the Nudist Camp Freaks Judith Sonnet Something has landed in the California desert... something alien.

For Sheriff Chet Conover, a corpse found on the roadside is the start of an otherworldly terror. A horror that has infected the residents of a local nudist camp, transforming them into mutated, brainless weapons!

Now, it's Man vs Martian in this throwback to the corny side of 1950's b-horror!

Judith Sonnet, Candace Nola, and Lucas Mangum, all welcome you back to the '50's in EARTH VS. (THE SERIES). Three books, each one written, edited, and published within a ten-day timeframe! Each book is a loving homage to the campier side of horror, complete with goofy alien effects, moral panicking, and black-and-white charm. Be sure to grab Candace Nola's EARTH VS THE LAVA SPIDERS and Lucas Mangum's EARTH VS THE STAR MUMMY today!


Something strange has landed in the California desert close to Camp Starshine. People started turning up dead and now the Sheriff is getting involved. He wanted to warn the people at the camp there could be trouble brewing in the desert. Upon his arrival, he sees that something has obliterated the place. No people in sight and debris everywhere. Then he saw it… a UFO froze in midair. Shortly after, there is a report of naked corpses hanging around town. Sheriff Conover’s mind is blown but he’s determined to figure out what is happening.

Earth Vs. The Nudist Camp Freaks is an entertaining step back in time. There is no lack of action here. UFOs, missing people, a town annihilated, and aliens promising to take over the planet. It is definitely milder compared to Sonnet’s other work, but it’s still a great read. It’s a fun sci-fi/horror. If you’ve wanted to check out her work without the gore, now is your chance. In fact, grab all the books in this series because they were all fun to read and captured that 50s horror vibe quite well.


About the Author

Judith Sonnet is a horror and splatter author. She often writes dark, explicit, and gruesome novels. She can be reached on Instagram @fulltimehorrorjunkie, where she is usually reviewing her favorite books and movies. Judith is a vegetarian, a queer woman, and the biggest Nicolas Cage fan on the planet.

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