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Review - F**k You, Mary Sue

F**k You, Mary Sue Elton Skelter Emerge Series #9 Some people have it all; the perfect lives, perfect family, everything comes so easily. Some people can survive a massacre with barely a scratch.

F**k those people.

In the wake of the Lake Sandower Massacre, with several classmates dead and one sole survivor, four outsiders start to wonder if there's a way to make that perfect person pay. In a new short story from horror writer Elton Skelter, we see what happens when you court the darkness, and what it can do to a person when you let it in.


Garrett is the only survivor from the Lake Sandower Massacre. As he recalls the event for the numerous news outlets, a group of students is watching his performance. Garrett is near perfect. Garrett is privileged. He has a bumble bee yellow Charger and people love him. This certain group of students not so much. They are over all the attention that Garrett gets, and they decide things are going to change.

This book packs a punch. Not only is it gripping it’s a bit heart-wrenching. The decision the teens make is a dark one, and it all stems from jealousy and anger. Whatever happens, they will carry it for life. This part clearly never entered their heads and ultimately changed everything, even their friendship. Great read!

F**k you, Mary Sue is the ninth book in the Emerge series from D&T Publishing and Godless. If you haven’t read any of them, you are missing out. Each book is a standalone written by an emerging author; each one has been brilliant! Short reads that pack in some great details. Grab them all!

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy. Available on Godless.

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