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Review - Hot Pink Satanism

Hot Pink Satanism Damien Casey and Kyra R. Torres Have you ever wanted to join a satanic cult, but you’re afraid of all the scary stuff?

Maybe you don’t own enough black clothing? Maybe your obsession with brightly colored stuffed animals will get in the way? Well, HOT PINK SATANISM IS FOR YOU!

Hot Pink Satanism is for people who feel evil… but also just a little cute. Lil’ stinker Calvin found that out the day he visited Baph’s Barnyard. Little did he know from that one visit he’d have a crush on Satan himself, have to fight evil unicorns with a black metal hamster, a furry pink Baphomet, Hell’s steed, and a dead valley girl named Daisy who now has a crush on him!

Chocolate pudding mixed with cotton candy and molded into an inverted cross, Hot Pink Satanism is a Horror-Rom-Com for the evilest of lil’ cuties.


Hot Pink Satanism takes things to a new level. Imagine a satanic cult, add in some neon, glitter, and mix all of that into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and you have Hell.

Now imagine Baphomet as a fuzzy hot pink demon that is totes adorbs! Six emo unicorns with bad dye jobs and a hamster named Danzig whose fur looks like corpse paint. All this insanity is waiting for you!

Casey and Torres did a wonderful job of making this funny and so over the top. Its ridiculousness had me laughing throughout. I thought it was unique and entertaining. You won’t find such colorful carnage anywhere else. After reading this I’m glad my table in Hell is already reserved. It’s totes going to be a good time. I hope these authors have more crazy plans because I am here for it! Don’t wait, grab your copy now!

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.

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