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Review - Inside the Devil's Nest

Inside the Devil's Nest John Durgin Real estate agent Anthony Graham has his family on the run after witnessing a murder at the hands of the powerful Costello crime family.

They’re forced to hide at one of Anthony’s properties: a deserted campground with a sinister past.

No one is safe from the men that hunt them or the terrors that await them inside The Devil’s Nest.


Inside the Devil’s Nest follows Anthony, a real estate owner, and his family. What starts off as a mostly normal family changes dramatically when Anthony is witness to a murder involving the local mob. Now he must take his family and run. The only place he thinks they can seek refuge is at a campground he bought. He’s had no luck moving the property, so it’s currently off the market. The place is secluded, and the locals want nothing to do with it. It’s the perfect location to hide and figure out where they'll go from here. Only it isn’t. What the Graham family discovers will change their lives forever.

The characters were well done. Anthony was such an intense character. You could feel it throughout the whole book. His anger issues shine and all the turbulence in his marriage with Holly are front and center. The constant bickering, the toll it takes on the couple and more so how it affects the children. I sympathized with Holly as more of their relationship issues came to light. Her struggles were well captured. Cole and Teagan also bring so much to the story. I must admit that Cole was my favorite character. He’s tough as nails but also a big softie that is willing to do whatever to keep his son and the Graham family safe.

This was my first time reading Durgin’s work, and I have to say he has created one hell of a story. It started out tense and it only escalated from there. Before the middle of the book my nerves were shot. It is a nonstop roller coaster of emotions. Anger, sadness, dread, fear, shock. It is all crammed into these pages. Durgin drops us right into the action and you have no choice but to buckle up and watch the nightmare unfold. As pieces of the story start coming together, it feels like one gut punch after another with all the shocking twists. I raced through the pages with bated breath to see how this was going to end and was not disappointed. Fantastic nail biter! If you enjoy thrilling, fast-paced reads, get this book. It's definitely going in my top reads for the year. Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

John is a proud HWA member and lifelong horror fan who decided to chase his childhood dream of becoming a horror author. Growing up in New Hampshire, he discovered Stephen King much younger than most probably should have, reading IT before he reached high school—and knew from that moment on he wanted to write horror. He co-founded Livid Comics in late 2020, co-creating and writing his debut comic titled Jol (pronounced Yule), a Christmas horror series for all ages. After publishing that, the itch to expand his writing was one he had to scratch. Through Livid, he wrote his second comic due to be released this winter titled Dead Ball. John also launched a podcast with fellow Livid founder Joel Vanpatten called The Livid Comics Lair, where they talk with many of today's best horror authors, comic creators, and all things that go bump in the night like UFO and paranormal investigators. His true passion was always to write horror novels, and in 2021 he started submitting short stories in hopes of getting noticed in the horror community and launching a career. He had his first story accepted in the summer of 2021 in the Books of Horror anthology. Coming up, John has multiple stories to be released in the prose and comic world, including a story in the horror anthology Beach Bodies from DarkLit Press. His debut novel, titled The Cursed Among Us, released June 3rd, 2022, and hit #1 new release in American Horror.

Stay up to date with the latest on John's work. Amazon| Instagram| Facebook

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