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Review - Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot Brian G. Berry It was just another routine combat mission to take a hill from an embedded force of NVA regulars. After they cleared what was a bloody fight that left their platoon decimated, they're ordered to settle in and hold the mountaintop as a staging point to hit further targets in the area.

As the soldiers keep watch throughout the night, the black sky is suddenly burning red and streaking with objects they assumed to be a meteor shower. Unknown to the small element of soldiers on the hill, these were nothing so simple.

Follow Private Zachary Barnes and Private Brad Tierney and others as they race from the horrors of an invasion that quickly absolves reality and replaces the familiarity of the jungle and its life with the unnatural shapes of creatures and phantasms that harry their advance to a safety that is always out of reach.

From nightmare-haunted bogs to minds ruptured of sanity, Jungle Rot is a cosmic horror war story that is sure to have your mind melting.


Barnes and Tierney, along with what’s left of their platoon, are holding down a mountain top in the jungles of Vietnam. As night falls red objects light up the sky and head for the jungle. Could it be enemy fire? No, what’s coming is far worse. These men have no idea of the horrors that await them.

Talk about creepy, gory goodness! It never ends in this book. Berry tosses the reader right on the hill with the soldiers and then boxes you in with some disturbing creatures in the dead of night. Many times, I wondered if the sun was ever going to come up. The haunting whispers that beckon to the soldiers, the things they start to see, the screams that echo through the trees. It’s a horrifying setup. All you can do is watch as their sanity is slowly chipped away by whatever is in that jungle.

It was sad and terrifying watching these characters wear down and fall apart. Barnes and Tierney obviously being favorites. They tried to keep themselves together, but the forces they were dealing with made it almost impossible. Watching events unfold brought many ups and downs. Will they make it? Or will they collapse as the walls are closing in? As the reader I felt the terror and dread right along with the characters. This was a great gut-wrenching read and something that should be on your TBR list.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

Brian G Berry is new to the world of writing. His first book 'The Pail' (a Halloween short) was self-published in October of 2020. He writes everything from 1980s inspired horror, SCIFI/Action-horror, to the strange. His biggest influences are the writers of the weird including Lovecraft, Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, to the pulp horror authors of the golden age 70s/80s- and a splattering of others. Author of The Pail, A Bloody Christmas, Splatter Fiend Series, Campfire Tales Beneath a Pallid Moon, and the Slasherback Series, Accursed Ground, The Night Mutilator, The Thanksgiving Day Massacre, and his latest: SNOW SHARK.

Stay up to date with the latest on Brian's work. Amazon | Instagram

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