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Review - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny Eric Butler Alex has a crush on the new Teacher’s assistant, and he’s finally worked up the nerve to approach her.

Too bad she’s crossed the University’s star player, and Duncan Shaw has no choice but to make her disappear.

He plans to lay the blame on the local urban legend, but tonight he just might learn that some legends are real.


Professor Underhill’s assistant Mary finished showing the class a film about urban legends. The plan is to dive into some of the well-knowns like Bloody Mary and the Goat-Man. Alex informs her of a local legend called The Thing in Archer Park. This piques her interest; however, she has some cheating students to deal with first. From here things take a very ugly turn.

The Thing in Archer Park gave off some Toxic Avenger vibes but more grotesque. Butler did a great job describing this character. I could see it and smell it. Honestly, the whole story was very descriptive for a short which I loved. The characters also stirred up some emotion. I felt terrible for Mary and hoped she would have her revenge on Duncan. Butler did a great job with Duncan’s dark character. He was so easy to hate. The author teased the ending I was hoping for but delivered something entirely different, which was a bit of a shock.

If you’re looking for a quick and brutal read, add this to your TBR. For me, it was a great kick-off for my 2023 reading challenge.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy. Available on Godless.


About the Author

Author Eric Butler

Eric Butler was born in 1975 to a military family in Germany. He spent the majority of his formative years bouncing around Europe, the United States, and Central America before settling down in Texas. He is a fan of the horror genre but enjoys reading all kinds of fiction. He plans on mixing many of his favorite genres together in future works. He lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas with his wife, son, and a stable of dogs and cats. He publishes under the Naked Cat Press brand, inspired by his sphynx Isis.

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