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Review - Larval Seeds by D.W. Hitz

Larval Seeds D.W. Hitz It's summertime on Sully's street. That means hours of doing nothing, reading comics, and being in love with his neighbor from afar. Then his drunken mom brings home a mysterious hookup.

She may have gotten the night of her life, but she had no idea what she was letting into her bed. And when Sully has to deal with her new friend, strange things happen. New feelings emerge, Sully's mom falls apart, and he's forced to choose between his carnal instincts and his humanity.

It's a test of desire vs. love, body vs. mind, and man vs. bug. A lot of bugs...

Larval Seeds is EXTREME HORROR. You should not read this. You've been warned.


Sully seemed like your average young boy. Hanging at home on summer vacation, reading comics. It’s just him and his mom now since his dad passed. He thought his mom would wait longer to find herself someone new, but she wasted no time in bringing Andy home. Something about Andy is different and Sully can’t quite figure it out. As time goes on, strange and sick things start happening. His mom changes, and even Sully himself starts feeling different. Andy brings quite a surprise to the Richardson house.

From start to finish this book is dark and gruesome. Hitz wastes no time in tossing out all the nasty gory details of the chaos that Andy brings. What starts as a good time between adults quickly becomes much more than Danielle bargained for. The scenes inside and the descriptions used by Hitz will leave nothing to the imagination. I mean nothing. Your skin will crawl, and you might even gag a few times.

I’ve read several books by Hitz, and Larval Seeds is definitely different from his other works. I can’t say I’m surprised at the descriptiveness after reading Bloodtooth but this book presents a different side of Hitz that is pretty impressive and quite terrifying. Now that he’s dipped his toes into extreme horror and nailed it, I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with. If you enjoy body horror, grab a copy of this! It releases February 28th. Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

D.W. Hitz lives in Montana, where the inspiring scenery functions as a background character in his work. He is a lover of stories in all mediums. He enjoys writing in the genres of Horror, Supernatural/Paranormal Thriller, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Originally from Norfolk, VA, D.W. has degrees in Recording Arts and Web Design and Interactive Media. He has been a creative his entire life. This creativity has driven him in writing, music, and web design and development. He aspires to tell stories that thrill the heart and stimulate the imagination.

When not writing, D.W. enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, and playing with the dogs.

Stay up to date with the latest on D.W.'s work. Amazon| Instagram | Website | Facebook

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