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Murder Maker

An Entwined Horror/Mystery Anthology By: Erin Lee, Lorah Jaiyn, John Watson, Rena Marin, Tiffany Carby, Olivia Marie


Published: September 13, 2020 Print Length: 241 pages

Horror author Lee Mathews lives in a rural town in northern Maine. A famous horror author big enough to rival King, he’s released more than 100 titles over the course of his career. Now, ailing, out of words and deep in retirement, he’s turned his attention to his legacy: helping less established authors carry on his craft.

But a life’s work doesn’t come without muses. There are things—qualities and even objects—that have steered Mathews’ writings through the years. Literary critics have been able to spot them. Readers who have paid attention have noticed them too. But no one is quite sure exactly what ties his work together or why. He’s kept that a secret and very intentionally.

With a terminal diagnosis and limited time, Lee has invited a group of superfan authors to his home to study under him for six weeks. They will learn not only what ties his work but how to propel his legacy. Lee’s chosen has agreed to drop all they know about the written word, lose their own voices, and take on his forever.

The hook? Not everyone will leave the mansion—rumored to be haunted—alive. Instead, Mathews will use one unsuspecting author as the group’s muse.

Who will survive? Who will die? And why?


I have been anticipating the arrival of this beauty for quite some time! As soon as that paperback went live, I was all over it! There was so much suspense and excitement surrounding this book. Even the authors in this anthology had no idea how it was going to end. They too had to suffer right along with us readers! Very clever!

I'm going to start this off with the characters.

Jennie Olsen- This girl is a complete bad ass. Her rough upbringing was sad but overall, I'd say she handled her mother like a champ. I love the dark side and mystery of Jennie. She's a very intriguing character that I'd love to know more about. One of my favorites!

Don Heart- This guy! This is the first character that I have ever felt the need to choke. He's rude, disrespectful, and one that you will love to hate. I couldn't wait to see how his personality would play out at the retreat.

Ruby Vincent- Upon first meeting this character I really thought she was a snot. Overly confident and cocky. By the end of her chapter I felt bad for her. Her boss and so called friends were nasty to her. I couldn't blame her for looking forward to leaving it all behind and giving the retreat a shot.

Claire Thomas- At first glance I figured this one is going to be such a diva. I was wrong! Totally wrong! Claire was another one of my favorites in this book. She comes with a dark past that totally shocked me!

Brian Pratt- He is easy on the eyes but that attitude! I had to toss him in the category with Don Heart in the beginning. As the story progressed my thoughts changed on him just a little. Still a bit of a slime, but I felt like maybe he was starting to see how awful his behavior was at times.

Lee Mathews- This character was interesting. Seems to have a dark side himself and finding out about Virginia was a bit of a shock. I found myself laughing at Mathews comments and thoughts throughout his story. Mysterious, creepy, yet likeable.

I really enjoyed the concept of this book. We get to meet each of the characters just as Mathews did. We also get to hear some of their backstory as well which was fantastic. It was entertaining to read about each one and to get a bit of a feel for them ahead of the retreat.

Once they all arrived things got even more interesting. Mathews had clever ways to test or torture them. Depends on how you look at it. Some deceiving things going on which really played out well within the story and just added to the intensity.

Murder Maker was clever, intriguing, dark, gripping, and had great characters. All the things that I enjoy in a book. If you love dark reads you must add this to your list. All the hype and mystery surrounding this book was certainly worth it and well deserved! Indie Book Addict Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Grab your copy below! Ebook Amazon:

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About the Authors: Since this was an anthology I will just include links to each author's social media pages so you can check out more of their amazing work. Erin Lee Rena Marin John Watson

Lorah Jaiyn Tiffany Carby Olivia Marie