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Review - Murder Makers

Murder Makers A Crazy Ink Entwined Horror Anthology By: John Watson, Rena Marin, Rita Delude, Sara Schoen, McKenzie Rae, Lorah Jaiyn, MW Brown Horror Anthology Publication date‏:October 1, 2021 Print length‏: 175 pages

With the beloved Lee Mathews wrapped in death’s warm embrace, a new batch of pupils has arrived at the mansion eager to learn from last year’s chosen one. This time, and under Ant’s remote supervision, the eager students will be assigned specific tasks they must carry out to prove themselves worthy of the Murder Maker’s secret.

With stakes higher than ever, only one will walk out of the mansion alive.

Who will take the prize and who will die?

More important: Why?


I impatiently waited for this second book, and it did not disappoint. A whole new cast of characters aside from Jennie Olsen. Each character brought some interesting things to the book, but I must admit that Sylvana, Micah, and Jada were my favorites. I loved their stories leading up to the trip to the retreat. I couldn’t wait to see how all of them together was going to play out.

Jennie Olsen took these writers on one hell of ride! She was ruthless and continued to show her true hard-core colors which I loved. The torture and tasks set aside for the authors was amazing! What an ending! Done in true Jennie fashion! Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy!

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