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Review - Night of the Undead Whores

Night of the Undead Whores Eric Kapitan Horror Publication date: Releases January 17, 2022 Print Length: 64 pages

The night Aaron tried suicide, something out of his control convinced him to live… and kill.

This―thing―convinces him to go on a gore-filled killing spree. Not that Aaron needs convincing―killing attractive women in increasingly gruesome ways, he’s hooked on a new addiction. Death. Blood. Murder.

But his past won't stay buried and neither will his victims.

Aaron’s losing his mind. Maybe it’s all in his head. Or maybe his victims are hellbent on revenge. Carnage and chaos ensue as Aaron tries to escape with his internals in place while feeding the killer beast within himself.


Aaron had a rough life and was ready to call it quits until Bob shows up. From here it gets crazy as they hunt down whores.

This ended up being quite the revenge story! Aaron dished out plenty of savage and brutal acts against his victims only for it to bite him in the ass later. A great short that is ruthless and gross. I look forward to checking out more work from this author.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The book drops on January 17th, 2022. Be sure to grab your copy!


About the Author

Author Eric Kapitan

Eric Kapitan is a horror author by dawn and by dusk. During those nightly hours when kids should be fast asleep, he used to sneak into his living room to watch horror classics like “Halloween”. Before he knew it, he decided to become a storyteller himself. Never a fan of boxes, his chilling stories go beyond giving his readers a good scare; they provoke deep thoughts and teleport each reader to macabre realms where anything is possible—especially inexplicable things of a haunting caliber. When he isn’t penning nightmarish scenes, Eric is probably either downing an ice-cold beer, at a horror con, or spending quality time with his loved ones.

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