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Review - One Hell of a Night in Mexico

One Hell of a Night in Mexico Sunni Ellis When vampire gunslinger, Creed Goodnight, takes a bloody bite out of the demon infestation in Whiskey Lick, Texas, he is offered an ironic, but lucrative proposition by Archbishop Declan McQuade of the Catholic diocese in El Paso. Flanked by a nun and a half-breed angel, Creed braves a new breed of fearsome haunting the Mexican wastelands in a furious race to seal the Gates of Hell and save the village of Almas Perdidas before time runs out.


Creed Goodnight takes care of business in Whiskey Lick. Now he’s offered another task by Archbishop McQuade. Along the way, he must face more demons and ghouls and this time he has an unexpected partner, Sister Angelica. Several come together to try and seal the gates of hell and save the village before it’s too late.

One Hell of a Night in Mexico is flooded with interesting characters and has a storyline that is packed with action from beginning to end. Ellis did an amazing job making this an enthralling read. It was a slow burn which typically isn’t my thing, but the author always had me coming back for more. Following Creed, Rev, Hadriel, and many others was very entertaining, and I couldn’t wait to see what insanity was going to come busting in next. The setting in the book was phenomenal. I can picture myself there throughout the book. I really think that added a whole new layer to the story and made for a great reading experience. You get a front row seat to the gore and chaos that takes place. All of this made the slow burn worth it to me. Saddle up and get ready to take a deep dive into this thrilling read!

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