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Review - One Last Shindig by Mark Towse

One Last Shindig Mark Towse First Contact Science Fiction Publication Date: March 30, 2022 Publisher: D&T Publishing The world as we know it is coming to an end, but this group of geriatrics on one last shindig have no

idea what’s in store. As far as they’re concerned, they’re on a quick jaunt to see a cave full of glow-

worms and then back to the hotel for apple pie and custard.

So, get the muscle spray ready and change into your big underpants, because you’re going to need

them. Take your seat on this hilarious and terrifying coach tour into Hell.

Includes exclusive bonus novelette, “Watch Me Fly.”

Since day one, David has dreamt of being a superhero-to spread his wings and escape the iron fist of

his mother. But we can't escape our past, no matter how hard we flap our arms, and his mother's

voice won't leave him be.


This was such a thrilling read! What started out as a fun trip for some elderly folks ended up being their worst nightmare.

Towse hits another home run with this book. Wonderful characters, gripping storyline and even some humor sprinkled in. About halfway in things get absolutely insane and stay that way until the final blow at the end. After reading Nana and now this book I have really come to love Towse’s writing. This also includes a bonus novelette called Watch Me Fly that was also really good. David wants to be a superhero and bring back hope to his area. Unfortunately, everything is backfiring on him. “He lives in the shadows so residents can live in harmony.” Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

Author Mark Towse

Mark Towse is an Englishman living in Australia. He would sell his soul to the devil or anyone buying if it meant he could write full-time. Alas, he left it very late to begin this journey, penning his first story since primary school at the ripe old age of 45. Since then, he's been published in the likes of Flash Fiction Magazine, Cosmic Horror, Suspense Magazine, ParABnormal, Raconteur, and his work has also appeared three times on The No Sleep Podcast and on many other excellent productions such as The Grey Rooms. His first collection, 'Face the Music,' has just been released by All Things That Matter Press and is available via Amazon, Dymocks, B&N, etc.

Stay up to date with the latest on Mark's work. Amazon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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