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Review - Projection by John Shupeck

Projection John Shupeck

Publication Date: April 13, 2022 Publisher: D&T Publishing

What do you believe?

Kevin Bailey doesn’t believe in anything—ghosts, God, or anything in between. Kevin wants the rest of the world to see the truth, but no one will listen. So, he’ll make them listen.

Recruiting three students from a nearby college, Kevin has set up an experiment to end the debate once and for all—a phony paranormal investigation. Spirits aren’t real; all you have to do is turn the lights off and tell a scary story. Suddenly, the little blond girl beside you thinks she’s hemorrhaging blood all over the carpet. Or take the tall boy, the one with all the muscles. Just tell him his dead brother will appear in the backseat of his car tonight, and it’s off to the races! And the fat one…the one who thinks he’s a witch. He’s a tough nut to crack, but we’ll get him. After all, it’s easy when they all believe…when they all want to believe.

So, what about you? What do you believe? Is it all just a show, or is the creak in the boards really the devil's footsteps? Is the noise in the kitchen from the refrigerator's exhaust fan, or is it some incomprehensible abomination, slowly making its way towards you to have a little fun in the dark?

So, step up to the campfire! Throw your bags on the ground and grab a seat on the nearest log. I want to tell you a story, and I want to see if you believe it by the end. If you're willing to open your ears and close your eyes, I'll show you the complete truth. Just keep your eyes closed shut, no matter what happens. Remember, just don' eyes...


Right from the start I wanted to know more about what Kevin had planned for the students. His words were unsettling, and I really wanted to see how things were going to turn out with his experiment. This is a book I couldn’t put down. I seriously looked forward to the next time I could pick it up again. The journal style writing is very gripping and gives a close up of each character’s thoughts. Is this really happening or is it a hallucination? We get tripped out just like the characters. Every detail unfolds into one perfectly disturbing read. Shupeck displays some AMAZING talent. This book was my intro to this author, and I’m blown away. I look forward to reading more of his work.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

Author John Shupeck

Born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa, John has lived a rather...interesting life. Author, musician with international radio play, trained professional wrestler, ministry student, he has always managed to latch onto the most colorful aspects of modern-day culture and pursue his dreams to the fullest, even if the results are more often than not for his own personal fulfillment, rather than monetary enrichment.

John mainly focuses on his writing career. However, it is not unheard of for him to cram his bodacious posterior into a pair of tights and hobble down to the ring for a fight, nor is it out of his nature to pick up a microphone and grace the crowd with his incredible flow and microphone skills under his new hip-hop name, B-Unknown.

Mostly though, these days you can catch him writing a new book, watching Impractical Jokers, and devoting the majority of his time to Cherry Shupeck, his gorgeous Filipina wife.

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