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Review - Ride or Die

Ride or Die James Newman Amelia Fletcher is a good girl. She’s a straight-A student, second chair in her middle-school chorus, and she never uses the Lord’s name in vain.

But a few days ago, she discovered that her dad has been cheating on her mom.

For the first time in her life, Amelia decides she would like to know what it feels like to be a bad girl. For just one night.

With the help of her BFFs, Cassie and Folline, she plans to teach Dad’s “other woman” a lesson. It's harmless fun, right? An evening of teenage mischief. When all is said and done, the homewrecker will go away and never come back. Only then can Amelia's family begin to repair what has been broken.

However, this was no ordinary affair. And the trio could never expect the horrors that await them inside the house on Callaghan Drive.


Amelia seemed to have a decent life growing up with her loving parents. So, it’s no surprise that she flipped a little when she discovered that her dad was having an affair. She had considered ratting on her dad but then had a change of heart and decided to take matters into her own hands. Amelia is going to send this little homewrecker a message and hopes that will be enough to make her stay away from her dad. Except things aren’t that simple.

Amelia and her two best friends, Cassie and Folline, set off to the house where the homewrecker stays. They do a little vandalism outside and then decide to head inside to bring more destruction. Once they are inside the house, some horrors are uncovered they weren’t expecting and, as the reader, I didn’t see this coming either. Newman threw several twists into this story that caught me off guard. This story had some intense moments, and I couldn’t wait to see how the rest was going to play out.

Overall, I thought this was an exciting read. The characters were enjoyable and the situations they face pull the reader right into the darkness with the girls. The dread is real. If you want a short but gripping revenge story, check this one out!


About the Author

James Newman is the author of a diverse selection of horror and suspense tales, dark fiction told with a Southern twang a hint of pitch-black humor. His published work includes MIDNIGHT RAIN, THE WICKED, ANIMOSITY, UGLY AS SIN, ODD MAN OUT, SCAPEGOAT (co-written with Adam Howe), DOG DAYS O' SUMMER (w/Mark Allan Gunnells) and IN THE SCRAPE (w/Mark Steensland). Up next is the feature film THE SPECIAL (based on Newman's novella co-written w/Mark Steensland) and a new novella, RIDE OR DIE.

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