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Review - Sister's Revenge

Book Details: Sister's Revenge by Rita Delude Thriller & Suspense Published: November 2, 2019 Print Length: 84 pages Alicia Stamois’s family is damaged. One dark night shattered their world. She loves her family beyond measure and is willing to go to irrational extremes to put her broken loved ones back together. Alicia’s a shrink who knows how to play head games better than most, so she puts her training to work on a scheme. Her plot includes a pen pal, a prison, and a proper punishment. For Alicia, love matters most.


In Sister's Revenge Delude takes us on a VERY twisty ride following a tragic incident with Cadie. Alicia will stop at nothing to make sure her sister's attacker gets what he deserves. I was completely wowed by this book! I had no idea that Delude could write so dark! Right off the bat things are crazy intense! I tore through this book in no time. It was very gripping, and I had to know what Alicia had in mind for George. I enjoyed how her clever plan played out. Dark indeed!

The characters were fantastic as was the storyline. Alicia was a strong and determined woman. George was creepy, but he also tries to play on your soft side and make you feel just a little sorry for him. I absolutely loved Delude’s sinister side in this book. She completely blew me away with the ending. Just WOW!!

Indie Book Addict Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Grab your copy here:

Sister's Revenge is available in ebook and paperback. The sequel to this just released as well. Grab them both!


About the Author

It's never too late to chase a writing dream. But in order to pen it best, an author must first live it. International Bestselling Author Rita Delude has done just that. Raised by a hardworking alcoholic in a house full of both chaos and love, Delude creates rich, deep characters, who pop from the page. Unafraid to dive into important young and new adult subjects like bullying, bigotry, homosexuality, drugs, kidnapping, and sexual abuse, she also writes adult contemporary, historical, paranormal romance, and suspense/horror. Together, like the quilts she sews, her stories stitch together the experiences she's had as a junior high teacher, college professor, newspaper reporter, parent, and grandparent. Now a Crazy Ink exclusive author, she has been a magazine writer and a newspaper columnist for decades. Delude holds a MFA in Writing. She is retired from her position as a full professor at Nashua Community College, Nashua, New Hampshire. She lives in New Hampshire, USA with her husband and their rescue dog, Daisy Want to keep in touch with the author? Facebook - Amazon - Website

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