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Review - Sons of Sorrow by Matthew Clarke

Sons of Sorrow Matthew Clarke Horror Comedy Publication Date: March 25, 2022 Publisher: Planet Bizarro SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT ALONE

Henk has been living a relatively carefree life in the city since fleeing the horrors of the town of Sorrow with his brother, Dave. Never would he have dreamt of returning. Not even for her.

But time and banality have a funny way of eroding the memory of even the worst experiences, bringing only the better times to the forefront of recall, so when he receives a wedding invitation from the third part of their old monster-fighting trio, he finds himself unable to turn it down.

Sorrow has changed drastically from the place it once was, with the murders and suicides that once plagued the town being used as a selling point by wealthy investors to turn it into a morbid attraction for dark tourists.

Beneath the costumed mascots and smiling families, is all really as it seems? Or by returning, have Henk and Dave inadvertently awoken an ancient evil far deadlier than anything they've faced before?


Henk and Dave return to their hometown to attend a wedding for their friend Maria. The town still felt off to them after all these years possibly cursed. They soon discover there is much more happening then they thought.

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the small town of Sorrow from the beginning that always has you wondering what is coming next. It starts off wacky and things only intensify from there. The Head, Mo-Gro, the creatures, all these things mixed together create an unusual but comical read. It was interesting to learn the history of the town and how it tried to keep the Head satisfied over the years.

Back to the creatures. Clarke did a fantastic job with them. As more started popping up I was anxious to see what disaster they would bring upon the town. I have to say Square Boi may have been my favorite. He brings some pretty brutal elements to the book which I enjoyed.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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About the Author

Matthew A. Clarke writes horror, bizarro, and anything in between.

He has authored and self-published one novel and one novella, where he explores themes of loyalty and acceptance. He has also had many short stories published, ranging from humorous to the horrific. His shorter pieces, usually from his darker side, can be found in several Black Hare Press anthologies, through Sinister Smile Press, KJK Publishing, and through Hellbound Books.

Stay up to date with the latest on Matthew's work. Amazon | Facebook | Website

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