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Review - Stillborn Gallery by Axl Barnes

Stillborn Gallery By: Axl Barnes Horror Short Stories Published: May 6th, 2021 Publisher: Quill and Lantern Publishing Print Length: 146 pages Welcome to a grotesque universe where strangulation is the ultimate proof of love, youngsters morph into something less than zombies, happiness is but an invitation to suicide, and children beg to be smothered in their cribs. Mindless work provides no escape from this nightmare, as alienation can turn you into rotted produce or a blubbering mass of boneless flesh.

Stillborn Gallery collects nine nihilistic tales centered around the theme of mortality. Axl Barnes mercilessly uncovers the nest of maggots infesting the core of life. Each story comes with its own illustration by visionary artist Thomas Stetson, fitting together for a uniquely bleak and dazzling experience.

**Reader discretion advised. This is intended for adult readers only. It contains extremely graphic descriptions, situations, and illustrations that may be unsuitable for some readers.


The title alone sounds horrifying and what you’ll find inside is no different. These horror stories are on the extreme side so if you trigger easily this book is not for you. Otherwise, be prepared to dive headfirst into some disturbing reads. Each story in this collection was unsettling and gross. Some more than others. While I enjoyed all of them my favorites were Sunday Exit and Dead Seed. Sunday Exit was a shocker for me. Like what did I just read? Talk about dark, twisted and disturbing! It was a happy ending for Evelyn though! Dead Seed was my #1 pick. With the mention of zombies, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but Barnes did a fantastic job at putting his own spin on this and making it MUCH more interesting than your average zombie story. Jeremy the MC in this one was insane, and his character really made the story. Just when you think it cannot get any worse here comes Girlicious 69. It all goes quickly downhill from here. The detail given of the “adventure” with Girlicious had my skin crawling just like the maggots. Barnes nails the most revolting ending for Jeremy’s manhood. Talk about messed up!

This was my first read by Barnes. It was dark and disgusting and definitely nihilistic. As an avid horror lover, it was enjoyable. A bonus that I also enjoyed was the artwork inside the book that goes with each story. Very fitting! If you enjoy extreme horror, be sure to check this out. Indie Book Addict Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you want to grab a copy click on the book cover.


About the Author

Author Axl Barnes

I'm a writer and philosopher living in Edmonton, Alberta, with a penchant for extreme metal and everything horror. My novella "Ich Will" and novel "Odin Rising" are available on Amazon. I'm currently writing my second novel, "This Town Must Burn." Stay up to date with the latest on Axl's work. Amazon | Website | Instagram |

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