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Review - The Comfy-Cozy Nihilist

The Comfy-Cozy Nihilist Nathan D. Ludwig This handbook for the cheerful nihilist contains tales to chill, thrill, and amuse:

A secret sex club that brings couples closer together in more ways than one.

The disgruntled host of a dystopian game show determined to go out with a bang.

Siblings home for the holidays and convinced their family has turned into vampires.

A lonely man who clones himself multiple times to avoid the drudgery of masturbation.

An interdimensional doppelganger with a very specific mission of murder and chaos.

Plus: A possessed confessional booth. A skeptic with a fetish for haunted houses. A low-level mob enforcer with an unholy plan for vengeance.

All this and more lurk within these pages, reminding you that we're all screwed no matter what so you might as well enjoy yourself. It's later than you think...


The Comfy-Cozy Nihilist is filled with dark but hilarious tales. Vampires, creepy doppelgangers, exorcism, clones, Something, and everything in between. My personal favorites are listed below.

F@@k Fangsgiving Ah, Thanksgiving! A wonderful day spent with family enjoying a meal and sharing memories. Totally not the case for Kel and Dom. Their family has changed, and the siblings are convinced all of them are vampires. What unfolds is both dark, funny, and gory.

Fourth Wheel Some friends get together for a night out. For this to happen Derek must take his wife’s cousin out as well. Hence the fourth wheel. Something has some quirks, though, and the #1 rule is do not compliment him. He hates compliments. Earl is the first one to find out what happens when you forget this rule. Great story!

Is That You? Will gets a surprise when Lisa starts acting differently. The dream he had doesn’t really help matters. In fact, it creeps him out even more. When something bad happens to Lisa, Will sees something that makes him feel uneasy. Maybe his dream wasn’t a dream after all. This one was so creepy! The whole evil doppelganger did it for me.

Ludwig does a great job pulling the reader in with each story. This book of shorts is funny, dark, and some of the stories are rather gross. If you’re looking for bite-size reads, check this one out. Also, don’t skip over the notes Ludwig includes after each story. It adds some interesting bits to the book and makes you think. Also, this book cover is everything! Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

Nathan is a writer and filmmaker. He is the producer of feature films such as Worst Laid Plans and Trucksquatch through his production company GenreBlast Films. He is also the founder and director of the GenreBlast Film Festival, which has a permanent home at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA. It was recently named one of Moviemaker Magazine's Top 50 Genre Fests in the World. He resides with his wife and their two daughters in Richmond, VA. He loves Warren Zevon, Asian cinema, and independent pro-wrestling. His debut novella "Love Potion #666" was released in 2022 from D&T Publishing and his first short story collection "The Comfy Cozy Nihilist" is coming from GenreBlast Books. He is currently working on his next two novellas, "The Reurrection Girl" and "Method Hack."

Stay up to date with the latest on Nathan's work. Amazon| Facebook| Instagram

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