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Review - The House of Smarba

The House of Smarba Mike Duke Debbie and Nathan Loch had the perfect family.

Their little boy Martin and his younger sister Bella were all they could have asked for…until the day Debbie watched helplessly as Bella’s life was ripped away in a horrific hit and run accident.

Plagued with grief, and afraid for her sanity, Debbie decides they are moving. However, shortly after transitioning into their new house, Martin begins having vivid dreams of a young boy named Malachi and his toy collection.

Martin has never seen toys like these before, but the descriptions he relates to his parents fill Debbie with concern. Nathan believes she is being overprotective after losing Bella, but Debbie is determined to solve the mystery of the antique toys and find out just who this Malachi kid really is. What Debbie discovers is a rabbit hole that may drag the souls of her entire family kicking and screaming into the abyss of Hell itself.


The Loch family seemed happy and had a great life until they tragically lost their daughter. Overcome with grief, Debbie decides it’s time to move. Maybe this will help the grieving process. Unfortunately, the move doesn’t bring much peace. Now they are noticing changes in their son, none of them good. Debbie is working hard to unravel the mystery of these changes and what she finds could change everything.

The House of Smarba is full of chills, dread, and agony. The small details given at the start really add up to one intense story in the end. As the story progresses, things get darker and darker. Just when you think you have some breathing room, Duke snatches it away and presents a whole new layer of evil. Many surprises await in this book! If you enjoy haunted houses and stories of possession, don’t miss this one!


About the Author

Mike was a cop for almost 12 years, but for the last 14 years, he’s been teaching Military, Law Enforcement, and Bodyguards high speed, tactical, and off-road driving as well as hand-to-hand Combatives and Blade tactics. He enjoys martial arts and has been a practitioner since 1989 of various styles. Filipino blade arts are his favorite. Since he was a teenager, he’s loved reading, writing, and watching movies, particularly in the horror and sci-fi genre. He’s also been a prolific reader of theology and has dabbled in philosophy as well. He has a beautiful, smart wife who is amazingly supportive and a son and daughter who are both graduated. His babies now are a German Shepherd named Ziva, a Daddy's girl who loves to play... even when he’s writing, and a Border Collie mix named Joey “The Bandit” who will steal anything and everything he can, even the toys right out of Ziva’s mouth. Mike is a lover of music, as well, and it is an integral part of his writing ritual.

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