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Review - The New Girls' Patient by Ruthann Jagge

The New Girls' Patient Ruthann Jagge Horror Publisher: D&T Publishing Jamie Carver is an inexperienced young woman eager to change her life.

Recently certified in nursing, she’s the new girl working at a facility for the elderly.

When her favorite patient dies, the frail woman leaves her a handwritten recipe book as a final thank you.

Dark secrets of Elizabeth’s life hide between the pages.

One evening, a pair of dangerous men intent on learning Elizabeth’s secrets to steal her fortune brutally abduct Jamie and two of her girlfriends.

They trap the women deep in the cellar of a crumbling mansion, where their survival depends on each other. They must unravel a shocking family history before sunrise or die.

Can Jamie rely on her friends, or will she resort to calling on unnatural forces to help overcome her captors and stay alive?


Jamie works at Mercy Care as a nurse. One of her favorite patients passes away unexpectedly and leaves a little something for Jamie that ultimately ends up saving her life. This was my first time reading Jagge’s work and it was wonderful. I had to finish it in one sitting. The story was disturbing and got darker with every turn of the page. The twist thrown in was a shocker and sheds even more light on the situation. Fantastic debut! I would definitely read more from Jagge.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the cover to grab your copy.


About the Author

Author Ruthann Jagge

Ruthann grew up in Upstate New York, where her favorite month of October is magical.

She currently lives on a cattle ranch in Texas with her husband and his animals.

Dark speculative fiction and horror books are always within reach.

Extensive travel and appreciation for homegrown dread and superstition influence her characters and settings.

Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, and dancing with her demons.

Stay up to date with the latest on Ruth's work. Amazon | Facebook | Website | Instagram

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