Review - The Thicket by Noelle West Ihli

The Thicket Noelle West Ihli Horror Suspense Publication date‏:July 2, 2021 Print length: ‏ ‎ 245 pages Norah Lewis ignored her brother's screams that night. Because nothing in the haunted attraction was supposed to be real—let alone deadly.

Desperate for answers, Norah returns to the scene of the crime. And to her horror, the chorus of screams is louder than ever. Thrill seekers—including many of her classmates—are still eagerly lining up to purchase tickets.

But the killer hasn’t chosen his hunting ground at random.

And, like everyone else, he’s planning another visit.


The Thicket is a hot spot for the younger crowd that enjoys a haunting experience. Unfortunately, some of the attendees don’t fare so well.

Ihli does a fantastic job grabbing the reader from the very beginning. Following Brandon through the Thicket felt like you were right there with him. Things take a tragic turn and causes even more of a buzz at the Thicket. Parents rally for a shutdown following an incident but they don’t get far. The perp is still out there and hunting for another victim. I enjoyed how Ihli switches between the teens and the person that is stalking them. He mixes in so well but very much remains a mystery. Excellent book that will have you tearing through the pages from beginning to end! Ihli can tell a gripping story. I’ll be watching for more from this author.

Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Click the book cover to grab your copy.


About the Author:

Noelle’s two great passions are murder and horses (separately, never together).

Noelle is a boy-mom to Luke and Max, and a cat-mom to Michelle. When she’s willing to wear pants (which is less often than she aspires to wear them), she can be found in mom jeans. Her husband Nate is the best person she knows. Stay up to date with the latest on Noelle's work. Amazon | Facebook