Review - The Weight of Our Souls by Simi Sunny

The Weight of Our Souls Souls of Elkwood County Book One By Simi Sunny Ghost Fiction Publication Date: September 11, 2019 Print Length: 282 pages Everything seems mundane to Gwendolyn Hill, considering her job and social status. Yep, nothing’s better than being a funeral director at the Hill Manor, while socializing with her grandmother, her pet cat, and—-wait for it—-her ghost friend. That’s right. Gwen can not only see ghosts, but she can also guide them to where they need to go. And to lead the spirits on the right path is to weigh them with a scale and a feather.

Meanwhile, a spirit is sending visions to Gwen, but she doesn’t know why. All she can figure out that it may be a threat, but to who?

For people who love The Ghost Whisperer TV series and/or Blackwell game series, The Weight of Our Souls tells a story of one woman who will help every soul, and she will know that she won’t always rely on just a scale and a feather.


Gwen works in a funeral home that has been in her family for quite some time. Not only does she help families with arrangements she also talks to the spirits of those that have passed and helps them with unresolved issues and then guides them to where they need to go. Sunny did a respectable job with the supernatural aspect of this book and helping the spirits resolve their issues so they could move on. This was my favorite part of the book. It was interesting to see how she helped each one and to hear their stories.

I enjoyed the overall idea of the book, but I did have some issues following the story at times. It jumped around quite a bit and sometimes the wrong tense is used making it a little challenging to read. The characters were enjoyable, but more development would have been great on some of them. Indie Book Addict Rating:⭐⭐⭐

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About the Author

Author Simi Sunny

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Simi is proud of her Indian heritage because of her parents. She’s even pleased to be a bookworm. Whenever she’s not writing, Simi tends to either draw, watch anime, or write scripts for sister's channel called KasumiVA. Stay up to date with the latest on Simi's work.