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Review - Your English is Good by Colt Skinner

Your English is Good

Colt Skinner

Releases on Godless on Tuesday, January 11th.


We follow Eddy who is hired to be a bodyguard for Grace. She has asked him to be around in case things get out of hand with her clients. He knows the safe word and the whistle if he is needed otherwise Grace told him to stay tucked away. Eddy is in for a surprise!

I enjoyed this one. Eddy was a likeable character. He often reflected on some of his own issues that have been triggered by his feelings for Grace and the way her clients would treat her. When Eddy’s services are needed, he cannot believe what he is seeing! A very twisted ending that surprised me.

For a short this doesn't disappoint! You get a great feel for the characters and even the clients that come to visit Grace. Skinner does a wonderful job with the atmosphere of the story. Very descriptive. Indie Book Addict Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

eBook releases January 11th on


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